welcome to the music corner!!!

I like listening to 東方同人音楽 (Touhou doujin music) and ボカロ曲 (VOCALOID songs) and other similarly small/independent music types and groups. In the WinAMP app that I have embedded to the right, there's a small selection of music from my CD collection. Check them out!

The type of music I like to listen to most typically doesn't always have translations readily available. I'm very much an amateur at Japanese even after four years of formal classes so this is mostly for my own benefit than anything. Translation page will be found... here later, when I do end up making it.

お勧め ~ recommendations

My Diao Ye zong playlist with all major DYZ releases currently on Spotify! Save it and shuffle it for an awesome surprise!!!

Synth V Stuff

The link to my Synth V page will be here whenever I get it up and started!

Since around April/May of 2023, I've been working with Synthesizer V as my first Vocal synthesis program I've gotten into earnestly. I've been a fan of VOCALOID for more than ten years now, and UTAU was always too difficult for me as a young one, so now I've been happy to play around with Synthesizer V since it is pretty beginner friendly (in my opinion), at least moreso than UTAU!

I recommend Synth V for anyone who has been interested in VOCALOID/UTAU for a while but was always intimidated by it. You can actually download a completely free version you can use forever (with limited capabilities) and download free lite voicebanks to begin with before you decide on comitting to anything. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of this page, you can find a link to download the Basic version of Synth V. Many (but not all) voicebanks have a free lite version that you can use to try them out; the best way to find links to find them is through their Synth V voicebank page on the Synth V wiki.

I upload Synth V covers to my YouTube channel from time to time. Check them out!